Monday, 20 November 2017

Pentacle / Sadistic Intent - Invocations of the Death-ridden

SADISTIC INTENT / PENTACLE - Invocations of the Death-ridden (IRON PEGASUS Records LP 2016)
A split LP that I was really looking forward to hear, with two legendary bands! With two true heroes of the ancient death metal!! Here's Sadistic Intent and Pentacle united for this excellent release titled "Invocations of the Death-ridden". Each band comes with two songs and each, I dare to say, does not disappoint, so I've been listening to this record with enormous pleasure.  
Sadistic Intent really proves how amazing band they are. Although the long awaited MLP "Reawakening of Horrid Thoughts" wasn't a peak of their quality, these two new tracks are surely better. I truly love them both and this style of thrashing death metal, so deeply rooted in the 80's. There are moments, when the music reminds me this evil and vicious death metal alike to the early Morbid Angel, without their fast tempos though. But at the same time it's quite strongly thrash influenced also. Anyway, it's pure feast of old school, traditional death metal. I love especially the second track "Numbered with the Dead", with its killer sharp, aggressive riffage, but also with some melodic accents that appear here and there. It's fantastic song! But both songs make a huge impression on me and so yet again I have to say that there are hardly better around than Sadistic Intent or Coffin Texts. I don't even care if Sadistic will record that bloody full length finally or not, I'm not bothered, they can just release mini albums or splits, as long as they do stay active and killer I'm good with it!!! 
And Pentacle is something what goes deeper and deeper into the most archaic forms of ancient death metal. I cannot say that their songs on the splits with Eternal Solstice and Mortem were my favourite tunes from them. They're OK, but I just expect a bit more from people, who wrote such fantastic pieces of music as "Ancient Death" or "...Rides the Moonstorm". Anyway, all these split songs along these two tracks from split with Sadistic Intent have all been released also as "Five Candles Burning Red" EP. I don't know why though, but somehow I like these two songs from "Invocations of the Death-ridden" the most from that Pentacle pile. Style wise they're pretty much the same, but damn, they do crush with some splendid riffage and dark, obscure aura. The music is quite slow, with strong influence from early Celtic Frost or even Hellhammer, to name just the most obvious sources of inspiration. It also sounds very harsh and nasty, but powerful, even if some of you may not like the primitive production so much. Who cares... I don't, I enjoyed these two tracks a lot. And let me say that Wannes' vocals belong to my favourite ever, he's damn great! So, maybe this band did some way better recordings in the past, but I still have a lot of respect for Pentacle and I'm happy every time they release something new. 
And this is yet another vinyl from Iron Pegasus, which is so well released. The layout, graphics... everything is great quality.
Standout track: "Numbered with the Dead" 
Verdict: 80/100 

Impvreza - Y Correra Tu Sangre

IMPVREZA - Y Correra Tu Sangre (Self financed demo CDR 2005)
"Y Correra Tu Sangre" is the first demo from French band Impvreza. I honestly forgot that I have it, it's been looong time since I had it in my hands last time, but because I found it stack between some other CDs I decided to play it. It's very good stuff indeed, let me them write few words about this sick music! One thing has to be mentioned right from the start - Impvreza were one of those death metal bands, which from their very first demo tried to come up with more original style of death metal. They've been searching for more unique patterns and be more creative than the majority of beginners. And definitely they succeeded, they did nail it perfectly and even if this is not entirely my favourite style of death metal, I have to say I like it.  
All three songs on "Y Correra Tu Sangre" present quite technical and complex death metal. It's brutal as hell, with very uncompromising parts and truly crushing wall of riffage that sounds fierce and violent. But brutality is one thing. Another is that Impvreza supposedly tried to combine these sick death metal riffs with flamenco notes and acoustics, what gives quite bizarre, but interesting result. They also have Spanish lyrics (even though the band is French), what gives another dimension to everything. The result is very interesting for sure. I like the song "Y Corre Tu Sangre" because it's more traditional brutal death metal track, but such "La Checa del Perverso" with all these weird guitar parts and complexity of the rhythm section and structure, is definitely also quite interesting.  
So, I played the whole demo few times and definitely enjoyed it. I have also "TworzeniaResurrezioneDémence" and "Reincremation" split CDs in my collection, which both have some other Impvreza demos. I know also that the band has released two albums and is signed to Season of Mist, so maybe I will have a chance to listen to some new music from them. Interesting band for sure.  
Verdict: 70/100 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Anatomia / Surgikill split

This 7"split from Selfmadegod Records caught my attention immediately. All in all, it features new song from almighty Anatomia!!!!!!! We're in the eve of the release of their new, so long awaited, album "Cranial Obsession", so anything – even one song – makes the torment of inpatient waiting for it less painful and shorter. And damn, I believe that "Creeps from Beneath" is truly fantastic and impressive track. It may even belong to Anatomia's best songs, who knows. Anyway, that sick, vicious and massive riffage in "Creeps from Beneath" is super awesome, I love how easily Anatomia creates the most eerie, horror aura, how heavy their sound is and how repulsive, but so killer the vocals are. I love that creepy, doomy slow tempo, I love that brutal sick music!!! And yes, it's Autopsy worship, but Anatomia – after all these years – has created their own sound and they're very fuckin good at it. The production is great, the artwork for their part of the split – by the mighty Putrid Matt - is exceptional... Do I need anything more? Yes, I need "Cranial Obsession" right now. In the meantime, "Creeps from Beneath" works perfectly as an appetizer. Another perfect song from Anatomia. Gods! 
I don't know Surgikill's debut album "Sanguinary Revelations" from last year (2016), but seeing who's in this band – and they are people from bands like Crucified Mortals, Estuary, Skeletal Spectre, WoodenstakeScaremaker and many more, involved – I believe that this can be another treat for my taste of filthy, vicious death metal. And "Cursed Nightgraves" doesn't disappoint, but also doesn't surprise me, because it sounds exactly as I would expect from the Noceras and the others. Filthy, raw and ugly death metal, not exceptionally brutal, everything is rather focused on the feeling and the horrorish atmosphere. The riffage is rather simplistic, but I could hear some great riffs. And I like that mix of all different sort of sick vokills (all in all there are four people doing the vocals in Surgikill!). So, I'm definitely interested to hear more from this project, so I put "Sanguinary Revelations" on my wantlist. 
This seven inch comes on 368 copies on black and 90 copies on red vinyl, get a copy, believe me it's very good release!!! 
Verdict: 80/100 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Sadistic Intent - Reawakening Horrid Thoughts

SADISTIC INTENT - Reawakening Horrid Thoughts (IRON PEGASUS Records MLP 2014)
If you call yourself Sadistic Intent fan, then you must be very patient person. We all know that this band has never managed to record a full-length album, despite their unstoppable 30 years long existence. More so, last thing they've released was "Morbid Faith" EP in 2002, recorded in 1998! Luckily last couple of years were more active for this now legendary band and finally some new recordings were unleashed. First "Reawakening Horrid Thoughts" MLP came out through Iron Pegasus!! Only two songs and a cover, but it's better than nothing, I say! And it's just great to hear some new stuff from this band for sure. 
But... hmm, I have read some pretty harsh reviews for this new MLP and I need to agree with few of themWhen I compare "Reawakening Horrid Thoughts" to some of the band's older material, then I am just slightly disappointed. Production wise it could have been better, to be honest, with more massive and powerful sound. Of course, it all is soaked in the old school death metal filth and harshness, but it wouldn't harm to get sound even close to "Ancient Black Earth". Secondly, the cover, which Sadistic Intent prepared for this MLP is Darkthrone's "Fuck Off and Die" (very surprising choice!). I don't like it. I don't like any of Darkthrone's past "Sardonic Wrath" records, I don't like also this song, I hate when Darkthrone plays punky metal and so I don't like this cover. I can understand the choice, but just because it's Darkthrone and Sadistic Intent doesn't mean I have to jump in excitement and enjoy it. I can stand it, but you won't see smile on my face when I listen to it. 
Luckily the other two songs are pretty damn good, although if I can be honest again – and I always am – I may miss that primeval morbid intensity, which characterised earlier Sadistic Intent recordings. "Malignant Spirits", which supposedly was written for Possessed, at time when both Cortez brothers were members of this band, is very good. It has that strong "Seven Churches" feel, no doubt about that!!! I love these razor sharp, aggressive riffs and that very old school aura. Great song for sure. The second song is "Horrid Thoughts". I just read that it's an old song from 1988 rehearsal recording, I suppose you can hear it, because some of these riffs do sound archaic a lot. But I like it a lot and that melodic part in the middle of the song is truly phenomenal and it's my favourite fragment of the whole MLP!! Third track is the mentioned Darkthrone cover... which I don't like so much, so I even skip it sometimes. I am not bothered about it. 
And that's all, not so much for almost twenty years of waiting, but damn, it's better this little than nothing. I enjoyed this MLP, but at the same time I did expect a bit more from Sadistic Intent. Recently they also unleashed split LP with Pentacle "Invocations of the Death-ridden" in 2016 also, so grab a copy of that one also. 
Standout track: "Horrid Thought" 
Verdict: 70/100